How to make a title page in apa format

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Create a running head. In the cover page's header, on the left, write the phrase "Running head" and then add a colon.

APA Citation Format Explained in a Simple Way

Space once, and then write a short version of your title, in all caps. For example, for this article, the running head could look like this: "Running head: APA COVER PAGE." Insert page numbers, using the automatic function. Cite Anything and Everything in APA Format Get the facts on citing and writing in APA format with our comprehensive guide.

Formatting instructions, sample papers, and citation examples provide you with the tools you need to style your paper in APA. Title page.

How to Make an APA Format Reference Page

Unless you receive other instructions, make the first page of your paper a title page. The APA Manual doesn't give instructions for the title page of a class paper; the contents and placement of items on the sample title page below are adapted from APA instructions for the title page of a paper to be submitted for publication.

Type your title in upper and lowercase letters centered in the upper half of the page. APA recommends that your title be no more than 12 words in length and that it should not contain abbreviations or words that serve no purpose.

Your title may take up one or two lines. All text on the title page, and throughout your paper, should be double-spaced. OCC WRITING CENTER APA FORMAT HANDOUT 3 How to format the Title Page: See sample Title Page: To create the Title Page: 1.

Make sure your cursor is blinking at the start of your document.

How to make a title page in apa format
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How to Make a Cover Page for an APA Paper | Pen and the Pad